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A Fair-Sized Herd of Cattle, Different Breeds

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Original image by 4×4jeepchick; Some rights reserved.

Species: Bos taurus
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This entry was posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Fair-Sized Herd of Cattle, Different Breeds”

  1. Chris Estes Says:

    I think this photo was taken off my childhood back porch!

    That is a joke but it does me miss home. Something about seeing green grass a cows makes me wanna go home!

  2. Great find of the day and Personal Musings | Chris Estes Says:

    […] that is it allows me more time to focus on surffing the internet finding random things like these pictures of cows. Now for you people that think I am just missing home because of the smell or some weird attachment […]

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